Blue Pockets: MMM Challenge

Blue Pockets

Blue Pockets

This is my entry for the Mixed Media Monday challenge this week which is Mothers and Daughters. I included bits and pieces from four generations of mothers and daughters here.

This pocket was removed from a well loved, and worn-out pair of jeans that belonged to my daughter. The tatted butterfly and the crochet flowers in the top corners and the bottom edge were stitched by my mom. The ribbon flowers and leaves were made by me with various types of ribbon. The blue buttons came from a garment that my grandmother wore.

The roses, which are my daughter’s favorite flower, are made from a vintage French ombre ribbon; the sweet peas are made from 1/4″ variegated ribbon, these and the daffodils (made from a 1/4″ satin ribbon) were my grandmother’s favorite flowers; the blue posies and the buttons were added because blue is one of my mom’s favorite colors; the morning glories are made from 5/8″ silk bias ribbon and are one of my favorite flowers.


Gwen, Me, Nanny

Here is a picture of us taken this summer at Gwen’s 27 birthday party. We love her so much, and if I do say so myself she is so pretty, and even was when she first arrived at 2 lbs. 13 oz.!

My mom will be turning 29 again this year in November, a bit of a magical numerical conundrum…. but she doesn’t like to talk about numbers relative to her age. She is though a math wiz in her own rights studying calculus for fun in her free time! Well I feel however she wants to referto her age is her prerogative and certainly she can do whatever she wishes!

Me, I’m in the middle and will celebrating #53 this year in December. I don’t think that a number defines me, and am quite glad to own up to all of the years spent on this journey called life.

This picture was taken on a great day, with great food and good company. A good time was had by all indeed. And I am sure that great-grandma was celebrating with us too, in her own special way.

Happy day to you, give your mom, great grandma, nanny, granny, grammy, or kid a hug. Perhaps the order of the day should be hugs all around! Enjoy- Christen

12 thoughts on “Blue Pockets: MMM Challenge

  1. What a fantastic entry with so much beautiful detailed art work. How wonderful to have items from 4 generations in it. I had to look really hard to see which was mom and which was daughter. Even then I thought maybe you were sisters. Grandma was easier to spot since I am probably only a few years older than she is and therefore in the same generation. I also studied calculus when it was a college level mathematics course and went on to major in math. Calculus is indeed a very fun subject. Kudos to your mom for taking it up on her own.

  2. Christen, this is a beautiful and personal piece of art – and such a clever take on the theme! Your daughter is indeed very pretty – but I can’t believe your mother is 29 – she looks so much younger, grin! Diane

  3. Christen, this was a beautiful post. The artwork is fantastic, the fact that it represents 3 generations makes it even better. The picture is great! I’m so happy to see a picture of you so I can put a face to the great posts and art. Your daughter is truly beautiful and your mom doesn’t look a day over 19! Best wishes to her and all of you!

  4. What an absolutely beautiful piece. The term “the fabric of life” came to mind. Your accompanying comments and the photo made it all the more special. I am such a fan of your talent. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Thank you all for your beautiful comments! I am very proud of my mother, and hope one day I am as talented in my craft as she is with her’s.

  6. I’m so proud of the ladies in my family. My Mom for letting me be me. My two daughters, 3 granddaughters and my great granddaughter (just turned 2). They are all a constant joy, full of talent and love. Thank you for your appreciative comments. I shall enjoy my 29 birthday for the umpty-umpth time.

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