Tea on Tuesday: A bit on the Grumpy side

Well tea today is coffee, in a new mug we got last week. Every morning my husband and I drink from a set of theme cups. I guess that we drink from different mugs to keep it interesting or to suit our moods for the day. Or maybe I can’t decide which cup is my favorite, like my dad who drank from the same mug for the last 20 years of his life, it said “I love Grandpa” on it.

Today I am drinking from a cup that Mona Lisa says “coffee makes me smile” and he is drinking from a cup that Albert Einstein says “coffee makes me smart”. I got to wondering if Mona Lisa or Albert would mind endorsing coffee, or anything for that matter.

When does an image, icon, or piece of art become recognizable and worthy enough to be used for such endorsements or have a retail value that will sell something so unrelated to what made them famous? I wonder if I would mind if my portrait or any of my art 50- 200? years from now would be used to endorse something that was a household staple, and what would that item be? Would I know, would I care, would I smile anyways?

Well I am not smiling now and am frankly a bit on the grumpy side this morning….

My computer is sick, had a melt down over the weekend and had to go to the hospital last night. I will know more in 3-5 days…. as to the diagnosis and her fate. I am staying positive, because my work, my business and alot of my time is spent on my precious little box!

So currently I am working from my husband’s laptop today, and have no idea how to get this thing to talk to my camera, let alone edit any pictures… I clicked on the “My Pictures” section, clicked on something about pictures and a live video of my face and upper body came on view with me in my PJ’s.

REALLY not sure if anyone is ready for that sight!

So Happy Tea today, there is always something brewing at Kimmie’s and Patty’s place. Please join them and the rest of the Tea for Tuesday gang, and if you do post a comment on Kimmie’s blog.

Happy day to you, I hope that life is calm and manageable, Christen

3 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: A bit on the Grumpy side

  1. Oooo so sorry to hear about your computer woes Christen. That can really throw life into a tissy, it would make me grumpy too! Hoping all is well and back in place very very soon for you! Hang in there!
    Happy T Tuesday … thanks for making me think first thing this am 🙂

  2. Maybe that’s why Mona Lisa has such a mystifying smile …. she was a tad bit on the grumpy side 🙂
    I can picture a very smart Albert enjoying coffee with a very beautiful Mona ….. too cute!
    Hope your computer gets better soon!
    Have a good T Tuesday regardless!

  3. Coffee helps me when I’m grumpy, too. I wish it would help sick computers. I hope yours is back in tip top shape soon. We do tend to get attached to them.

    So sorry to be late for tea. I hope this is a better day for you.

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