We Love to Laugh

We Love to Laugh

We Love to Laugh

I used the song from Mary Poppins, “I love to Laugh” that her Uncle Albert sang as he rose up to the ceiling like a balloon. So I thought this would be a great way to introduce a Zetti-ish entry. The faces are stamped onto newsprint and copied onto paper. I drew the hats, legs and border images with an ink pen and used color pencil to add in the color.

Enjoy! LOL! ~Christen

4 thoughts on “We Love to Laugh

  1. Whoooooosht! That is the sound of me being blown away. What a superb, fabulous Zetti piece. Truly amazing. I love it – a lot (did you guess?)
    Thanks so much for being part of the challenge – and in such a sensational fashion!!

  2. Enjoy? That’s putting it mildly! This is an extraordinary example of pure zettiology! It’s so intricate and complex, it just needs to be studied and savored. Thanks so much for playing along, and bringing your talent for us to enjoy!

  3. that scene in Mary Poppins always makes me laugh …. it’s a guaranteed laugh starter ….. beautiful and colorful work here. You have lovely handwriting 🙂

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