The Castle Door

The Castle Door

The Castle Door

I thought of an image of an old castle door that had been weathered, with a big door knocker, a brass knob and big hinges. I searched Ebay and found this large old key that is used for the hanger here; I also found a few old skeleton keys to add in here and there with my newer keys and heart shaped locks. The base is machine pieced and machine quilted. The  charms, keys and buttons are attached with embroidery floss.

Happy Stitching! ~Christen

5 thoughts on “The Castle Door

  1. This is the most amazing, clever and sensitive piece of fabric work.
    You must be able to have loads of smarty points that Rosie promised because you’ve got to have used the most keys so far by anyone?
    I’m completely stunned by this beautiful piece of work Christen. Oh it’s just wonderful!

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