Tea on Tuesday and Memories

Tea for Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday

Toady I am drinking a Sumatran blend, nice, aromatic, rich and warm. Feeling happy as I am sipping from my favorite blue and white daisy cup. As I am sitting here listening to an instrumental tape of African music, I am cherishing one of our weekend memories.

It was my husband’s B-Day on Friday, and he was lucky enough to have it last for a few weeks prior to this day, and the weekend following it . Our daughter took him to an ACDC concert at the beginning of the month. This band had been a favorite of their’s while driving to school in the morning. His mother and sister had both sent him a card (which had not happened for many years) during the week; his brother and dad both called that day and sang him Happy Birthday (always in an interesting key with words unlikely to be heard by anyone other than my husband); and his tennis team made cupcakes. All in all a great day.

On Saturday my daughter and I took him to the zoo, as we renewed our membership for his present. The four hours we spent trekking up and down the hills, hot and sweaty, and loving every minute will last in all of our memories as one of the nicest days that we have spent together for many years. Memories can be created in such a short amount of time, yet last for the rest of your life, what a special thing, what a gift to treasure.

I look at my relationships as a joint savings account. I consider actions, thoughts, deeds, words and memories as positive or negative withdrawals. I try everyday to insure the health of these relationships, adding what I can and trying not to spend more than the reserve of any of these accounts. I am happy to say that we have taught our daughter the value of relationships, and at 27 she is a person that we are both so very proud of.

I look at Tea for Tuesday in the same way, each of us adding a special blend of pictures, quotes, thoughts and hugs out across the waves on the net. Please join us won’t you? Visit Kimmie, Patty, Pat, and the ladies for tea.

Hugs and good memories I wish for you all. Christen

PS: I bought this hat at the zoo, cause it reminded me of the fishing hats my dad used to wear.

6 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday and Memories

  1. oh what a sweet post!
    It sounds like a wonderful weekend to be cherished for a long time by all involved ….. and I like the hat too 🙂

    Happy Tuesday! Kimmie

  2. I loved reading your post today, Christen. My husband’s birthday was last weekend and we also made lovely memories, with family and good friends over to help him celebrate. We ended by blowing bubbles with our adorable little 3year old goddaughter! Marvelous !!

  3. Such a lovely post,picture and memories Christen, those blues and the special fishing hat!!!! So far there seems to be a “memories/Mom’s” theme to the Tea Tuesday posts and I Love that! I feel lucky to be able to pop by for a cuppa … you expressed it so beautifully here! Good for your husband, I think we all need much more than one day for our bday celebrations!

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