Blue Jean Baby: TTM challenge

Blue Jean Baby

Blue Jean Baby

This week the challenge for The Three Muses was Pockets. I immediately thought of the song by Elton John, “Blue Jean Baby”. I grew up wanting to be that “ballerina, can’t you see her, tiny dancer in the sand, the seamstress for the band”.

In high school I embroidered jeans and work-shirts for friends and family. In fact the reason that I now wear a thimble while stitching is from being poked so much from working on the heavy jean fabric.

pocket1So here is my pocket, where is the pocket you say, well…ahem… I used the reverse of the pocket.

I really had meant to stitch right on the pocket, but when I took it off the jeans (so I wouldn’t have so many heavy layers to stitch through) I was left with this stunning reverse image of the pocket. So I just decided to work with this instead.

I appliqued a lace heart, and many hand made flowers into the heart vase. I added vintage and new beads into the centers of the flowers. I embroidered ribbon down the side edges using traditional embroidery stitches.

The little cat (made from an old quilt from 1880) was a gift that came along with an ebay purchase and the creators name is Marcia Marcantonio. Thank you Marcia, I think that your gift is quite at home here.

Happy stitching, love what you do, and enjoy! Christen

8 thoughts on “Blue Jean Baby: TTM challenge

  1. Christen I am in total awe of your magical talent of stitching. Your Blue Jeans Baby pocket is pure joy and a complete feast for the eyes. A standing Ovation from me.

  2. this is a stunning, fantastic, one of a kind piece of artwork! i can’t imagine how long it took you to make all the flowers! it it absolutely beautiful and i am so glad i came back to the muses blogsite to see if any new entries had been posted.

  3. Wow, Christen, you have done a marvellous piece of art! I must admire your skills in stitcing and designing. The various forms and bright colours make a fantastic combination.

  4. The first word that comes to mine is WOW! But then I see more WOWS above so my second word is SENSATIONAL. This most beautiful piece has blown me away. The colours and the exquisite handwork are just mindblowing. Can you tell that I love it? FANTASTIC, SUPERB, UNIQUE. A standing ovation from me.

  5. The song immediately started playing in my head 🙂 your colorful creation teamed with the classic denim is really wonderful Christen!!! That is a lot of ribbon flowers to make! I also enjoyed embroidering on denim jackets and jeans. I made one of my favorite pair of cut off shorts into a pillow, I embroidered the bluebird of happiness on the pocket 😉

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