Tea on Tuesday: Treasures

Thrift Store Treasures

Thrift Store Treasures

Tea for Tuesday is all about five thrift stores, $23.00 cash money, and an afternoon to myself.

I think that many of us find pleasure rummaging through discarded piles, perhaps that is why churches call them “Rummage Sales”. Yesterday I spent a throughly enjoyable afternoon doing just this. Today I am drinking my favorite French Roast in the Ghirardelli Chocolate mug (I am sadly allergic to chocolate, so I can pretend to have some with this mug!).


At the first store I found several books: two books on flowers, a Martha Stewart book on flower arranging and a book on Sunflowers; a book about famous felines; four old books, one Anne of Green Gables (1935), a teaching guide for secondary school from the ’40’s (my husband teaches High School) and the two red books with “gift” inscriptions dating 1906. I also found the three mugs, the cows are famous painters (very irreverent); a sheet of stamps; the tin tea tray from Hawaii; and a Harry Potter cookie tin. I spent $11.25.

The second store I found three orange pumpkin candles; the book Insects and their Ways; and the frog creamer (my husband collects frogs). Everything but the book was 30% off, so I spent $2.50.

thrift store treasuresAt the third store I found two sheets of music; a wooden box (not shown); the ceramic lily; and the pumpkin pin. I spent $2.75.

The fourth store held the bark cloth table runner (it is hidden behind the books), the melon-baller and the screw thingy. I spent $8.50 here but I had $5.00 in redeemable coupons so these only cost me $3.50.

The last store was full of treasures, but somewhat dirty so I left this store for last. I found two filing cabinets full of sewing supplies that I rummaged through. I found a bag of ribbon (not shown cause I already sorted through it); an oval frame; half of an embroidery hoop; the five creeping hands; a cardboard cigarette box; two shoe stays (not shown); and the lavender paper box. I spent $3.00.

Well what fun that was, I hadn’t been able to do this for such a long time, and I always find pleasure looking for treasures, I won’t wait so long next time.

What treasures will you find today? Perhaps it is a new friend to have tea with, please join Kimmie, Patty, Pat and all the Tuesday Tea group. If you do please leave a comment on Kimmie’s blog.

Happy day to you! Christen

2 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday: Treasures

  1. ooo you DID find some wonderful treasures….it’s all about the hunt, isn’t it,
    you really made the rounds and it looks very well worth it!
    Happy T Tuesday dear Christen!

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