Tea on Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday is Pomegranate Pizzaz, wow do I need a jolt. I have a mound of dishes to wash from yesterday’s family get together, and a dozen or so corsage brooches to list on Etsy. Busy Busy…

Tetley's Tea tin

Tetley's Tea tin

The tea cup and saucer are from the Johnson Brother’s collection “Chintz”.  I love the subtle feminine colors, and while I was choosing the background I remembered this old Tetley’s Tea tin that I picked up at an antique mall. I just loved the used quality of it and the happy coloring.

I remember at the time my friend Phred who was shopping with me was thinking, why buy something so worn, not pretty, not perfect?

Philosophically speaking there is a difference between choosing to buy a less than perfect object because the price was right than having to choose a less than perfect object for the same reason. In my case it is a little of both, but the perfect thing about this tin was that to me it is perfect, does that make sense?



On Friday’s Favorites this week I will be listing a few other wonderfully old, less than perfect tins, and I will have large photos for those interested  in downloading the images.

Well I am off for a walk, and then to tackle the Etsy listings. Here is a preview of the corsages…

Please join the ladies of the Tea for Tuesday group, the  regulars are Kimmie, Patty, and Pat. If you do, please leave a comment on Kimmie’s blog.

Have a wonderful day! Christen

3 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday

  1. I would Love to have a piece of clothing like the design on your pretty tea cup Christen! I am very drawn to items that have patina on them, your tea tin is charming!
    Lovely creativity in your Etsy Shop too!
    ~*Happy Tea Tuesday*~

  2. I love the tin, Christen. I understand what you’re saying about it’s perfection for you.
    You’re ribbon brooches for Etsy are beautiful!

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