Charlie Meets Andy: TTM’s challenge

Colorful Charlie

Colorful Charlie or Charlie Meets Andy

Charlie Chaplin was the theme for The Three Muses challenge this week. I am often saddened by his face, so expressive, so unhappy seeming, so that is why I chose to add color in the stylized way of Andy Warhol.

I chose a quintessential Charlie pose, removed the background, and started adding color with the paint bucket. Then I detailed his clothes and his hat, added in a background color and picture #1 was done. Each picture after that was a progressive color alteration of the original.

There you go, I hope that he is happier in my Crayola Crayon box of 64 style!

Thank you again ladies for a creative and fun challenge.


12 thoughts on “Charlie Meets Andy: TTM’s challenge

  1. What a UNIQUE and marvelous entrie Christen !!
    I ask myself why i didn’t come on this idea ??!
    You used so many colours , even charles coat and collar exist from two different colours !

  2. Well I stared at this for a long time and then I remembered to pick my jaw off my shoe tops. This totally blows me away ……. and that’s all I can say …….. I’m speechless with awe.

  3. Great piece, Christen! I love your strong and intensive colours, and fine colour combinations. Your work reminds me of Andy Warhol’s portraits – great work!

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