Tea on Tuesday

limoge, java and sweet memories

Limoges, java and sweet memories

Today tea is actually a lovely aromatic French roast in my thrift store Limoges “The Countess” tea cup. The napkin is a hankie that mom brought back from France, while on a trip through Europe, where she and dad met on holiday.

I am looking through a bag full of Wedding cards that were sent to my mom and dad on their special day. The cards are all so beautiful and creative, I just marvel at how much time was spent on them. The orchids pop out on the card in the upper left hand corner, and there is a small package of real rice in the card on the lower right hand corner.

Well I am off for a walk, and later a little pampering (you can’t drink from a cup called “The Countess” and not take it to heart), mani-pedi and the car gets a bath! Yeah, such little treats are worth so much!

Do something nice for yourself today, you know how much you will thank yourself for doing it! And please join Patty, Kimmie, Pat and the rest of the ladies for Tea for Tuesday (even if it is coffee), you are certainly most welcome! Enjoy- Christen

5 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday

  1. Happy Tuesday!
    I so love the beautiful greeting cards from yesteryear ….. how lovely that you have a personal collection from your family (not just random cards found in an antique shop). I can see that you treasure these mementos ….. a lovely lovely post 🙂

  2. SO nice to pop in for a cup of tea with “the Countess” Christen = Love it!
    Your tea party picture looks like a professional magazine page! full of lovely images, colors, memories and special touches…..very sweet indeed!

  3. Oh how delicious! Thoroughly black and white Charlie now colorfully Andy Warhol. I love it! Fantastic and novel approach on the theme. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge.

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