Tea on Tuesday

Crazy Tea Party

Crazy Tea Party

Tea for Tuesday at my house is CRAZY…..

The city is paving the street outside of my house, and it is smelly, noisy and dirty! YUCK, and more YUCK!

I have all of the doors and windows closed, which for now is ok, but around noon it will be hot, hot, hot and uncomfortable!

In 1922 when our house was built they didn’t have air conditioning, so portable fans are what cools us down one in every room!

So…. for a better mood I am working with a little aroma therapy, playing nice and quiet music for the cats and I while we are holding court with a “Crazy Tea Party”. I have mint tea while they have water in their cups and they don’t seem to mind!

Well off for now to get some work done, please join Kimmie and Patty for tea, always great photos, lovely tea, and all are welcome!

One thought on “Tea on Tuesday

  1. Oh my Christen, I feel for you….let’s hope they get in and get out quickly! Then you can enjoy the nice fresh paving. Sounds like a good day to go to the movies maybe? 🙂 altho your aroma therapy, lovely music and mint tea do sound relaxing!
    Great piece you created!
    Happy Tea Tuesday to you and the kitty kats!

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