Spookie moth: art on the darkside

Spooky moth

Spookie moth

This is my entry for the Art on the Darkside for this week. There are always very interesting artists here, so you should take a look!

I really enjoyed working with “Fireworks” which is the system that I have installed on my computer for working with digital images. I took the moth picture that was provided for the image this week, and fiddled with it a bit, added a little color and such. Then I took an image of an old door, and did some cropping, fiddling and changed the color. Then I took an image of a prong of an old rusted thing, and created it into a spider web….I didn’t however add in any spiders, cause they quite frankly scare me!

A few hours or so later, this is what I came up with. How lucky I am to have a few hours here and there to PLAY! Hope that you do too! Christen

2 thoughts on “Spookie moth: art on the darkside

  1. ooo your moth looks wonderful Christen, amazing colors and textures, I so admire digital art, but have not a clue how it goes….I would never leave my favorite chair then LOL
    Wish I had time to play in more challenges, my work table is so bad, I finally had to take some time to clear space to play, it was closing in one me…..problem with that is I find so many things along the way I’d like to play with…round and round it goes! 🙂

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