Star Shine: Mixed Monday Monday Challenge

zentangle star

zentangle star

This is my entry for the Mixed Monday Monday Challenge this week was “Stars”. I had seen a few people use this technique which is called “Zentangle”. Basically it is a therapeutic form of “drawing” which seems similar to the doodling I did in Geometry class when I didn’t understand the lesson!

I started with watercolor paper and a sharpie fine point marker, I put on some Lorena McKennitt then channeled Peter Max and my own Celtic heritage. About an hour later I had finished my curly star. I photographed it on a piece of art paper, and digitally removed some bits here and there.

Star Shine

Star Shine

Then I started to play with other star shapes, and created a totally different piece. The stars here are also drawn on watercolor paper. I cut each one out and dry brush painted swatches of gold paint across the surface of each star.

I then wrapped a branch from a tree that we found on a walk, with gold mesh ribbon. I glued each star down, some on the front of the branch, some behind the branch. I also decorated the branch with vintage silver buttons and blown glass rods rescued from an old ornament.

Truthfully while working on these stars I may also have channeled Beetlejuice and Johny Dep’s Willy Wonka (he quoted the first line of the song when he first addressed the winners of the “Golden Ticket”) .

Anyways this was great fun and I encourage you to doodle when you feel a little stressed as it is a very relaxing and creative way to work out the brain knots and tangles! Enjoy, Christen

11 thoughts on “Star Shine: Mixed Monday Monday Challenge

  1. Hi Christen,
    I love these, especially the branch. You come up with the most creative ways of using materials! Love it!

  2. WOWEE Christen ~ you have taken Zentangle to new heights! Amazing and fun to read your creative process….all kinds of great channeling going on!
    Loreena is one of my favorite mood musicians!
    The star shine words are splendid too, I think it was a song from the musical “Hair” too if memory serves me…thank you for putting music in my head and for your amazing eye candy and inspiration!!!

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