What a HOot: ABAA challenge

What a HOot

What a HOot

This is my entry for Rosie and Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure (ABAA) challenge for this month which was to use a bird theme. There are many talented art pieces and you should take a look!

I muddled over this one for a few weeks, then I came across an embroidery piece that my mom had made with an owl on it. So I went retro and dug out my ’60’s hippie-ness for this one. I pulled out all of my embroidery floss in brown, gold and pumpkin colors (which truthfully may have been purchased in the ’60’s), then I went to JoAnnes and picked up some felt squares.

I drafted the pattern in an hour or so, and have been embroidering for a few days, a few nights and here is Oliver. The legs are a florist wire wrapped in brown paper, the feet are reinforced with cardboard, and the body is stuffed with Polyfill.

Oliver was made for my husband. He is a Social Science teacher and an avid reader (hence the old books in the background). He is very owlish on the inside, but very un-owlish on the outside, so I made a jaunty beret for him to wear. Oliver ordinarily wears the John Lennon glasses (which I had originally bought for my DH), but I couldn’t get a great photo with him wearing them, so they are just off to the left in the pic.

Happy day to you, go retro when the muse suggests to, and enjoy! Christen

PS: My husband says this is one of his favorite pieces that I have made, pretty cool to be married to your best friend!

10 thoughts on “What a HOot: ABAA challenge

  1. He’s absolutely ADORABLE! I love how you’ve made him, especially his eyes, which are perfect. Love the colours, his stumpy legs, everything. Brilliant response to our challenge and so glad you could take part!
    Rosie ABAA

  2. Christen…what a talented lady you are; this is just amazing! I’m almost speechless! Your stitching is so neat and the design is fabulously original. Well done you – and thanks for joining in with us.
    Linda x

  3. Oh my gosh.. I love him. He is sooo absolutely brilliant. His eyes are so very lovely. His feathers are so very lovely. His skinny little legs are so very lovely… I’m tellin’ ya… Pure Love.. This is truly amazing!!

  4. This is absolutely fantastic- what a beautifully made work of art- I love owls and this is superb- I’m so glad I checked back to this challenge to see your work and exceptional blog! Look forward to visiting again!

  5. Christen, Oliver is absolutely fantasmagorical!!!
    He’s sensational and his cap is the icing on the cake!
    Your husband is a lucky man having Oliver to help him read 😉

    Happy Crafting Christen!

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