Friday’s Favorites: Old Doors

by Steve Jones

by Steve Jones

I have always loved old doors. The more worn the better, because this signified that they had been used, traveled through, experienced.

This is picture, drawn by a friend, was given to my husband and I for a wedding gift. I have given it a more suitable background than the frame that is is currently in. I found this old music sheet on The Graphics Fairy.

The house that my Grandparents lived in was built in 1900, and the doors had old clear glass knobs. The doors that were not commonly seen by guests had metal knobs.

The house we live in was built in 1922, it has two marvelous wooden doors with paned glass windows. Unfortunately all of the old knobs were removed before we bought the house, and the inner doors are all new with silly new knobs. So to keep the vintage atmosphere, I also collect door knobs, and though they are not actually on the doors themselves, the knobs lend a feeling of age and a “rightness” to the house.

vintage glass door knobs

vintage glass door knobs

If you like fairies, old doors, and wonderfully illustrated books may I suggest “A Knock at the Door” by Angi Sullins and Silas Toball.

If you like to look at photographs of old doors, windows and Greece may I suggest the artist Tolis’s Flickr photostream with this door as my favorite.

Enjoy your day, go on an adventure through a door you have never been through! Imagine, dream, knock and enter! Christen

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