Friday’s Favorites: Pansies

Bunch of Pansies!

Bunch of Pansies!

I have always loved flowers, real life ones, painted images and fabricated ones! Pansies though are amongst my favorites. I remember a faded picture that my grandmother had of a a group of pansies, it was so pretty and reminiscent of the Victorian Era.

Pansy Hankies

Pansy Hankies

This a group of hankies decorated with pansies. The top left has lavender colored organza pansies with hand embroidered details. The blue pansy, with four petals (oops) is a sheer metallic fabric with hand embroidered details. The bottom one is of course my current favorite with a myriad of crochet pansies, WOW!

There is a crochet doily at the top right of the large picture, which is made from a heavier weight cotton, with purple and white pansies.

The purse is a wool reticule, and is actually embroidered with thistles, but it was so pretty that I included it in the photograph.

millinery pansies

millinery pansies

These millinery pansies are made from a velvet material with painted details and fabric stamens. The yellow pansies are vintage, while the purple and yellow garlands are new.

The purple piece of fabric (shown in the large picture) covered in pansies is so pretty, I can’t cut it! So I just move it from project to project, and love it the way it is.

I have also included in the large photograph pansies that I have made from French wire ribbon and a vintage grosgrain ribbon (these all have button centers). The larger flowers are corsages while the smaller ones will find there way onto a neck-piece that I am making.

The two sweet little pins were given to me by a dear friend who new that I loved these flowers! I also have pansy stickers, pansy note cards, and a few other pansies that didn’t make it into the picture. I think that they were shy!

Enjoy, tell me about your favorite flowers! Christen

One thought on “Friday’s Favorites: Pansies

  1. Hi Christen,
    I love flowers too. Besides my fiber and beading, my other favorite thing is gardening. And I love pansies. Each fall I plant most of my pots with different combinations of colors. They mostly survive the winter and in March I clean them up and fertilize them and they flourish. I’ve made a lot of ribbon pansies using the Hanna bias silk ribbons. I have to say that I find it hard to pick one flower I like best. Perhaps, along with pansies, I’d have to say hydrangeas. I love the color of the mopheads when they are just opening, the white and pale green touched with blue, and then the remarkably clear, vibrant blue the mature into. Spectacular!
    Thanks for a beautiful post. Have a wonderful weekend.

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