A-Musing Commentary- plastic bread ties

recycling bread ties

recycling plastic bread ties

I like to recycle, I love to find a purpose for something if it is no longer needed for it’s original purpose.

Plastic bread ties are a favorite of mine, especially for small beaded objects that have to be kept organized while continuing to create for a larger project.

As I was working on this project, a woman who shall not be named in order to protect the innocent, came into my work room. She gasped in dismay when she saw the price on the bread tie. She exclaimed “that is what those beaded grapes cost? $2.39!!!!!” as if that was over priced for the eight of them.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that if I sold them individually they would cost more than that per piece, each one takes about 25 minutes to make. If you calculate 25 minutes into an hourly job of $10.00 per hour they would cost $4.17 each. This does not include the price of the beads, thread or tools needed to work.

When people ask me why I don’t sell more pieces from my collection, this is a perfect example of why I don’t. It is very hard to translate the amount of time that it takes to create even that small collection of grapes into a monetary value that both parties can be happy with.

I continue to work with re-cycled objects either incorporating them into my pieces or using them for a new purpose. I can’t help to smile though whenever I see a group of beaded objects connected to a plastic bread tie that has a price!

Enjoy what you do, smile when you can, gently enlighten those without a clue and have a great day! Christen

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