Friday’s Favorites: Whistle Buttons

a collection of whistle buttons

a collection of whistle buttons

I love buttons, old, new, nice, not so nice, clean or grungy; with holes or with shanks; glass, rubber, celluloid, Bakelite, shell, composition, plastic, horn, or bone.

This is a collection of my favorite style of button, which are the whistle buttons. The construction is such that there is a large hole in the front and you can see the two or four holes through this that you use to sew them onto the garment.

This collection here pretty much runs the gamut on the type of materials that can be found with this style. Some of the fancier are of course the composition buttons that are inlaid with abalone or mother of pearl.

Here is a great blog Button Floozies. You will also find and interesting pdf to download on Piecework Magazine’s website, Great-Aunt Belle’s Buttons.

Happy day to you, have fun collecting, and enjoy what you do! Christen

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Favorites: Whistle Buttons

  1. I collect buttons also. I love Bakelite, but if it’s an old button, I’m not picky!
    I have a few of this type although I didn’t know they were called whistle buttons. I tend to buy what attracts my attention and I’m not terribly knowledgable about their history. I’m going to check out the articles you mentioned.
    Thanks, Christen.

  2. Then if you have not done it already-join the national button society! There are usually local chapters as well.I belong to the Pennsylvania Dutch button club in Chester county, Pa.

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