Tea on Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday

Tea for Tuesday today is Green Tea, and meditation. I have relatives visiting, and lots of household chores to take care of…. poop! The tea pot, cup, spoon (with a tea pot on top), table runner, and TV tray are all thrift store finds, my favorite way to spend an afternoon, searching for treasures! (Not cleaning the house and being a hostess, today at least!)

I was looking through my old cards and found this tea cup card. It was given to me by an ex-coworker when I opened up my own store. I saved it not only because it was pretty, but the gesture was lovely!

Butch helping me fold the clothes

Butch helping me fold the clothes

As I was multi tasking and waiting for the computer to wake-up, I checked the laundry that I had to fold, guess who I found helping me? Butch is our 20lb. gray and black tabby, who is really not much help, but he was comfy… I will have to re-wash these and remember to leave the dryer door closed!

Happy thoughts and a lovely day to you, enjoy what treasures come your way! Christen

Please join us for tea with Kimmie and the ladies, you are more than welcome!

6 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday

  1. I love the color of your teapot and cup …. and the card matches it perfectly! it’s like a seafoam blue or green. Thanks for joining me for tea today 🙂

    Your kitty looks like he was craving a warm spot …. toooooo cute!

    • Thanks, the teapot is a celadon green with a pretty crackled graze. Butch certainly is a cuddler, if he could he would be in my lap all day long….

  2. What a fun and lovely tea spot! You are a gal after my own heart = a treasure hunter and a very good one too!

    Butch has that “you caught me” look on his face = too funny!

  3. Great find! Such a pretty colour 🙂
    I think you got the look–it’s like ‘don’t even think I’m moving’. what a handsome cat!

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