Tea on Tuesday

Tea For Tuesday

Tea For Tuesday

Good Morning ladies, I have invited myself to Tuesday Tea! I am sitting here having a quiet moment with the cats, Bigelow Pomegranate Pizzazz and a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie (I am going on a walk shortly so no worries about the “cookie calories”!)

The tea service is the Royal Dalton Sweet Pea pattern, it is one of my favorite patterns. I started my collection with a butter dish that had belonged to my grandmother. Over the past several years I have been collecting bits and pieces here and there on ebay.

As I am sipping my tea, listening to jazz and relaxing before my work day begins I am making flowers for an old crochet collar that I found at the thrift store. I am using old spools of crochet cotton that were left over from many projects that my mom had worked on at one point or another.

Well my time is up, must go for my walk, and get back to work! Please join the rest of the ladies in Tea for Tuesday…


Enjoy your day, spend time with your friends and love what you do! Christen

6 thoughts on “Tea on Tuesday

  1. ooooh Christen, what a lovely tea you’re having, and that macadamia nut cookie sounds perfect along with your walk
    So glad you joined in for Tea Tuesday, the more the merrier!

  2. Hi Christen! I love your chintz pattern …. that kind of china is in really high demand right now. I only have a few miss-matched pieces – but miss-matching doesn’t seem to matter with the busy chintz pattern.
    Thanks so much for joining us for tea today – enjoy your walk – the cookie looks yum 🙂

  3. Christen 🙂 glad you joined us for tea. I love the crochet items, I’m like a woman on a mission lately with my crocheting. I’ve gotten a lot of flowers done and working on some leaves.

    • Thanks Nancy- I can only work a few flowers a day, as I have other projects going on, but I figure a few here, a few there and I will have the collar done in no time!

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