Tide Pools Nature’s Treasures-by Christen Brown

Tide Pools Natures Treasures

Tide Pools Nature's Treasures

This is my entry for the Shell Challenge sponsored by Rosie and Linda’s Awfully Big Art Adventure. There are quite a few entries this time, and worth a peek when you get a chance.

The theme was to create anything with shells, and being a native of Southern CA., a shell lover from early child hood, and an avid collector I had really had a wonderful time creating the project.

beach sand

beach sand

I started my project with birch bark collected many years ago from our cabin outside of Toronto, Ontario Canada. This I used for the sand, and the inside of the bowls.

I then crumpled up pieces of cotton paper to create the waves, and rocks. I stitched these together with cotton and rayon threads on my sewing machine. I placed this on an old wooden tray, that had seen better days.

tide pool bowls

tide pool bowls

The next step was to create the actual tide pool rock formations that capture the sea life and shells.

I started with Timtex and more cotton paper. I cut round shapes in three different sizes. I layered cotton paper over these, and cut out round pieces of birch bark for the center of the bowls.

I stitched the layers together on the sewing machine. I then cut darts into the circles, and over lapped these to form the bowl shape. The last step was to cut the edges of each bowl and then machine stitch over these edges.

shells, sea life and kelp

shells, sea life and kelp

I had an abundance of real shells that I had collected over the many years of beach combing. I had a great time selecting which of these would be included into my beach scene.

I also had some old celluloid buttons that were somewhat grungy, but the colors matched and the patterning looked like sea urchins to me, these are interspersed amongst the bowls.

I thought that it would be cool to include shells and sea life that I had made from ribbons, crochet and embroidery. I started to play and this is what I came up with:

  • A crochet length of kelp with cord and pearl cotton, and grape shells at each leaf (these have a florist wire glued in the center to attach to the kelp)
  • Crochet and embroidered snail shells
  • Embroidered sea urchins, sea anemones and limpet shells
  • Embroidered and gathered ribbon coral
  • Ric-rac coral and star fish
  • Plumes of something made from rayon cord (I am not sure what these are but I liked them)
close-up view of three sizes of bowls

close-up view of three sizes of bowls

Happy beach combing and treasure hunting, enjoy- Christen!

8 thoughts on “Tide Pools Nature’s Treasures-by Christen Brown

  1. It’s so lovely when people share their thought processes and the stages of creation as you have, and the result is just FABULOUS! We’re so glad you shared in our challenge.
    Rosie ABAA

  2. Christen, it’s knock my socks off gorgeous! Double Wow. I’m so glad you’ve described how you made it, as I would never have realised what went into making it or that you had stitch crafted some of it. There is just something so elemental about shells and seaside things, that appeals to and delights just about everyone isn’t there?
    I’m so glad you enjoyed making it, your enthusiasm has really leapt off the page!
    Super art.
    Gini 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words Gini. I know what you mean about the a shell’s appeal, perhaps it is that these little glorious treasures washed ashore from somewhere far off, and they arrived here for us to see and enjoy? Christen

  3. Oh my goodness – this is a veritable EXTRAVAGANZA!! I only wish I could see it in real life.
    Fabulous work Christen – thank you for joining in and providing such great inspiration.
    Linda x

    • Thank you Linda, every time I look at it I see something that I forgot that I put in… he he… I just love all of the shells, and think that this was a great challenge that you created!

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