Aurelia’s Garden: silk ribbon embroidered treasure box

Aurelia's Garden

Aurelia’s Garden: treasure box by Christen Brown

The title for this box came from the movie “Love Actually” which is a favorite with my daughter and myself.

Aurelia is one of the characters, and I just love her name and am happy to report that she has a happy story and a new beginning to her life.

This box is 3″ wide by 1- 1/2″ deep and is made by ironing Timtex to cotton paper. The shape is created by machine stitching the folds of the box and the edges with cotton threads. I also used this technique on the Fairie Tea Party.

The top and sides are blooming with silk ribbon embroidered flowers and leaves with a few ribbon worked flowers added in. The colors Briar Rose and Cabernet from Hanah silk were the starting points for my pallet. I also used a vintage cotton jacquard and an ombre ribbon. The rest of the garden is stitched with 2, 4, and 7mm silk ribbon; silk and cotton threads.

The treasure box rests on a ledge in my work room with the dolls and the pillows, and I smile every day looking at all of the wonderful colors!

Happy and joyous stitching to you all! Christen

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