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Home > Store > Velvet Eyeglass Holder Pin Base

Velvet Eyeglass Holder Pin Base

example of finished eyeglass holder

vevlet eyeglass holder pin

lime velvet eyeglass pin

mint colored velvet eyeglass pin

fawn colored velvet eyeglass holder

Velvet Ribbon Eyeglass Pin Base

Perfect to wear while shopping, or in class when you need to have your "specs" handy. The embellishment suggestions above are just the beginning of what you can do with these bases.

These bases are made from sturdy cardboard, covered in rayon velvet ribbon with a rayon cord that dangles below to slip your eyeglasses through. A nickel plated pin-back is glued to the back.

green colored velvet eyeglass holder

olive colored vevlet eyeglass pin

Price: $1.50 each
Size: 2-1/4" W x 1-3/8" L (approximately)

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