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Embroidery Class Projects

Embroidery Techniques



embroidery with beads

Bead Embroiderybead embroidery

Machine Embroidery w/ Hand and Bead Embroidery
fiber art
Mardi Gras

embroidery with silk ribbon

Silk Ribbon Embroiderysilk ribbon embroidery
Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery

Silk Ribbon Embroidery combined with Ribbonworked Flowers
silk ribbon embroidery and ribbonwork flowers

crazy piecing and traditional embroidery

Crazy Pieced Embroiderycrazy piece embroidery

The above Wearable Art classes do not include a vest or jacket pattern, do to the fact that our bodies are all unique. The techniques used in each class can be adapted to any basic non- fitted pattern (without darts). Or if you prefer, create a non-wearable garment such as a pillow, purse or wall hanging from your own pattern.

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