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news and updates

News, Updates, & What's Going On

As an artist, entrepreneur, and retailer I have a variety of projects, endeavors and obligations that I am actively working on in any given month, day, or minute of the hour. I think that many of you would be familiar with the saying "If you want something done, give it to a busy woman!".

I enjoy all of the activities that I am working on, and I would like to share a few with you here.

news of Christen BrownThe Store on the Corner Blog

  • May of 2009: I just created the The Store on the Corner Blog as a way to communicate with a larger audience, and to create interactive dialogue.
  • I am planning on creating several individual blogs on the techniques that I love so much, and include free instructions, on-line classes (priced accordingly), and monthly clubs that will focus on specific techniques, which will include instructions and a project (small fee).
  • These will be developed in the following months. If you would like more information, or to be on my mailing list for these blogs please email me.

news of Christen BrownCraftyStyllish

  • April 20, 2009 : I just entered a few items into the CraftyStyllish "Crafty by Nature" competition. View my page. The goal was to make projects inspired by nature's elements (earth, wind, fire, water). Crafters must use any combination of recycled materials, items from nature and eco-friendly products.

news of Christen BrownOn-line Class

  • I will be teaching "Ocean Rivers" a new bracelet class on free form peyote, for Joggles.com. It will be a four week on-line class, beginning June 25, 2009 running through July 16, 2009. The cost is $40.00. See Joggles.com website for more details.

news of Christen BrownPaypal

  • March 2009: I am currently working on The Store on the Corner, inserting an "add to cart" button for each and every piece of merchandise that I have. As you can imagine this will take some time. If you wish to purchase something and it does not have a button yet, you can email me and I can create an invoice for you through Paypal.

news of Christen BrownChristen's Blog

  • October of 2008: I created Christen's Blog as a way to communicate with a larger audience in a more informal way. I post articles on some of my favorite pieces that I have created for the store and personal use.

news of Christen BrownStrawberry Fields

news of Christen BrownSilk Petit Four

news of Christen BrownEtsy Store

  • I have opened a store on Etsy, which is a nice community of artists who sell their handcrafted articles.

news of Christen BrownWeb Article Piecework Magazine

news of Christen BrownArticle in Piecework Magazine

news of Christen BrownArticle in Piecework Magazine

news of Christen BrownBook Beginnings...

  • I am currently in the process of working on a proposal for a book on ribbonworked flowers that can be used in conjunction with embroidery on clothing, quilts and home furnishings. Details coming soon.

news of Christen Brownebay: Store on the Corner in North Park

  • Great news! The Store on the Corner has opened up an ebay site where some of the Hanah Silk. When shopping on this site, please do not combine items from the ebay site with items in the store on this site. Please stop by for a visit soon!
  • http://stores.ebay.com/Store-on-the-Corner-in-North-Park

news of Christen BrownArticle in Piecework Magazine

  • I have finished a series of articles for the March/April 2007 issue of PieceWork magazine, on silk fabrics and ribbons, I also created a purse project called "Silk Gardens" for this issue. Interweave Press publishes a number of instructional magazines, buy a copy of Piecework, Beadwork, or Fiberarts magazines!


Christen Brown

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