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Shisha Mirrors by Christen Brown

shi sha mirror embroideryTreasure Filled Terraces of Tourmaline

A shisha mirror is a small mirror that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The two kinds of mirrors that I use are:  perfect shisha and antique shisha.

The perfect shisha are machine made and come in round, square trapezoid and triangular shapes. They have a painted coat of color on one side to form the mirror effect. They come in a plain and rainbow color. The rainbow color is painted on top of the glass, and is usually a combination of colors.

Antique shisha come in an irregular shape, with a surface that has small bubbles in it, and are usually thinner than the perfect shisha. They have a mercury coating on one side to form the mirror and they also come in plain and colored. The glass in the antique shisha is actually colored, and it comes in azul, celadon, amber and red. I do not recommend using the plastic mirrors as they do not stand up in the long run.

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