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Home > Store > Handmade Hanah Silk Bias Ribbon Corsages by Christen Brown

Handmade Hanah Silk Bias Ribbon Corsages by Christen Brown

bowl of corsages
Featured San Diego Home and Gardens Magazine

Quality Materials

The line includes a variety of styles using hand-dyed silk bias ribbon or French wired ribbon for the flowers. The leaves are all made with French wired ribbon. Some flowers will have additional accents such as stamens, buttons, stems, or velvet ribbon centers. Each corsage is created with loving care. They are all stitched by hand. Christen's corsages were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine.

Silk Ribbon Corsages

handmade corsage by Christen Brown

June in Full Bloom

Sr1-L: $20.75

Sr1-M: $13.75

Sr1-S: $12.00


Jean's Rose with Bud

Sr4-L: $34.25

Sr4-M: $25.00

handmade corsage by Christen Brown

First Bloom

Sr2-L: $24.00

Sr2-M: $17.50

Sr2-S: $13.75

handmade corsage by Christen Brown

'N Vogue

Sr5-L: $47.00

handmade ribbon corsage by Christen Brown

Georgia's Belle

Sr3-L: $26.75

Sr3-M: $19.50

Sr3-S: $13.25

handmade corsage by Christen Brown

Father of the Bride

Sr6-L: $14.25

Fine Finishing

Many ribbon flower corsages in the previous century were stitched to a stiff backing of crinoline or lightweight buckram. Christen's corsages are brilliantly constructed to maintain their shape without the aid of anything besides the ribbon out of which they are made -- and all raw seams are hidden, so there's no chance of fraying fabric and unraveling threads. All corsages attach to your garment with a standard pin back.

Weddings and Special Occasions

Orders for weddings and special occasions are most welcome. Please contact Christen to discuss color options, quantity needed and time details.

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