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Jean's Rose with Bud & Twin Leaf-Large

handmade ribbon corasage by Christen Brown







See Below


A real show-stopper, this full-blown silk rose has a bud nestled in its outside folds. Two pointed leaves of French wired taffeta ribbon balance the act.

This pin fastens to your garment with a standard pin back fixture. See ruler for approximate sizes.

Chose your flower and leaf color from the selections below. Please allow 1 week for each corsage to be made.

When ordering please use the size code above and add in the color name (see the list below) and the quantity you want to order. Example:

List this code for each corsage: corsage #-size/ribbon color/Quantity ex.: Sr4-L/BI/1

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Large Corsage Flower Color Choices- Hanah Silk Charmeuse Bias Ribbon

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonBI

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonWO

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonRU

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonCP

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonHF

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonTS

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonBR

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonVR

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonAB

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonV

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonBH

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonL

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonAV

copper patinaCP

Hanah Silk Bias RibbonRV





Large Corsage Leaf Color Choices- French Wire Ribbon

french wire ribbonFWC/533-3


french wire ribbonFWC/471-120


french wire ribbonFWC/1359-2


french wire ribbonFWC/471-18


french wire ribbonFWC/930-22


french wire ribbonFWC/1722-238



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