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Bon Bons- $10.00 each

pin cushion

These cute little pin cushions are just perfect for a few needles. Would you ever suspect deep, rich velvet and a swirl of silk to look good enough to eat?

The velvet ribbon for the base is from the Velvet Rayon ribbon collection. The flowers and leaves are made from the Hanah Silk Ribbon collection. The pincushions are filled with a special springy stuffing that won't rust your pins and needles.

Available in many delectable colors, chose from the selection below. Please allow one week assembly time per pincushion.

If you would like to make one yourself see Bonbon Pincushion Kit.

List this code for each pincushion: BBpc/ #/Quantity



ribbon selectionBBpc/2

Umber/Hot Flash

ribbon selectionBBpc/3

Rust/Golden Maple

pin cushionBBpc/4

Lemon Yellow/Bougainvillea

pin cushionApproximately 2" wide x
1-1/2" tall


pin cushionBBpc/5

Apricot/Bali Hai

ribbon selectionBBpc/6


ribbon selectionBBpc/7

Rose/Victorian Rose

ribbon selectionBBpc/8

Royal Purple/Cabernet


Green/American Beauty

pin cushionApproximately 2" wide x
1-1/2" tall


Olive/Mango Ice Cream

ribbon selectionBBpc/11

Turquoise/Copper Patina

ribbon selectionBBpc/12

Gray/Stormy Monday


Navy/Sea Goddess

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