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Christen Brown's Project, Class, & Pattern Copyright Policy

Christen Brown, ChristenBrown.com, and The Store on the Corner reserve all rights to intellectual property both here on the website and on all projects, classes, and patterns.

  • You may not teach any projects, classes, or patterns using Christen Brown's instructions.
  • You may not sell any items made from any of Christen Brown's projects, classes, or patterns.
  • You may not reproduce any of Christen Brown's project, class, or pattern instructions for any reason whatsoever. 


You may only make items from Christen Brown's projects, classes, or patterns for personal use or for gifts.

The Store on the Corner & Christen Brown.com have spent a great deal of time and money developing the projects and patterns offered on this site. Christen strives to offer new approaches to designing one of a kind pieces for the customer and student to make using her patterns and techniques.  Granted you can may find these techniques through other publications, web sites and classes however these projects and patterns have been developed, written and illustrated by Christen using her own imagination, and she asks that in using her patterns that this policy is respected.

The price that you paid for the project/class/pattern is allocated for the teacher's/artists' time and allows you to use the patterns and techniques to create as many pieces as you wish. This price however does not buy the rights to the design and therefore may not be used in this manner. For further reading on an artist's intrinsic value see The Principles of Aesthetics by Dewitt H. Parker.

The design concept of the projects/classes/patterns may not be reproduced for personal gain or commercial use without the express written consent of Christen J. Brown. The projects/classes/patterns on this site fall under the Artist's Intrinsic Value and are ©copyrighted. Violators are subject to prosecution.

Personal Note

I believe that when you take a class or buy a pattern the piece created from this event should be measured as a learning experience of your own personal growth. As you move on with the techniques, and your skills develop your work will reflect your own personal style.

Too often in a classroom situation I have overheard people commenting about a conversation in which their spouses encouraged them to sell the class project in order to recoup their expenses. Forgive me but this displays an obvious lack of respect for the creativity and gifts of the artists and teachers who make their living teaching and enriching the lives of others.

Thank you for understanding this policy, and please enjoy and appreciate what you learn from myself and other teachers.  Allowing ourselves the time to learn and expand our horizons is a gift that can benefit oneself and the people around us.


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