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Scrumptious Scraps

dyed silk ribbon and threads embroidered with silk ribbon embroidery techniques
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Silk ribbon worked flowers and leaves with silk ribbon embroidery stitches over a base of pieced and dyed lace and fabric scraps.


Basically, bits and pieces of precious laces are melded and stitched together to form a single fabric. After the lace fabric is formed, it is then dyed, along with ribbons to embellish the piece with. The second part of the class will focus on silk ribbon embroidery and flower making, using the ribbons that you dyed in the first part of class and the base of lace fabric.

advanced skills needed

This class is a combination of the techniques used in the Renaissance of Ribbon Embroidery, Petals and Posies 1, and some fabric dyeing knowledge.

Class Specifics:

  • 2 days/ six hours each day
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Suggested Knowledge: silk ribbon embroidery skill, dyeing skills, ribbonwork skills
  • Supply list available after class time is determined.
  • The class fee does not include any supplies, only the teacher's time and the handout. This is a technique project therefore you will not have a completed project at the end of the class.

    Gallery Artwork:

    Private Lessons

    • A Private Lesson held at my studio for one to three students is held for a minimum of three hours/maximum of six hours. Cost per hour is $20.00 for each student. Estimated total: $60.00/$120.00 per student, this time frame will not allow everything covered in the handout.
    • A Group Lesson held at a store or other location for four to seven students will cost $96.00 per student for the group for the two days at 6 hr. a day.
    • A Group Lesson held at a store or other location for eight to fifteen students will cost $700.00 for the group for the group for the two days at 6 hr. a day.
    • For further details see Class Terms for Groups.
    pattern instructions by Christen Brown


    Clear line drawings illustrate the ribbon embroidery and ribbon manipulation techniques that will help you learn how to make ribbon flowers. Machine stitching will create the lace base, and dyeing the fabrics and trims will give you your own unique color pallet to work with.

    This pattern is printed in black on colored 8-1/2" x 11" reprographic paper and comes enclosed in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

    $22.50 + shipping & handling (added after you enter contact information during PayPal checkout)

    [California residents must pay sales tax]

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