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Private Lessons

ladies sewing at table

Who takes a Private Lesson?

  • A person who wishes to have further instruction on a class that they already took from Christen.
  • A person who wishes instruction on one of the subjects that Christen teaches.
  • A person who wishes inspiration and guidance on a project of their own, that is related to any of the subjects that Christen teaches.
  • A person interested in building their design and technique skills.

What can I learn in a Private Lesson?

How long are Private Lessons and how much does a Private Lesson cost?

  • Private Lessons are held for a minimum of three hours long, with a maximum of six hours per day.
  • The most common time is three hours at $20.00 per hour which equals $60.00.
  • The exception to this of course are classes that are only 1-2 hours long and they are priced accordingly.

Where and when can I take a Private Lesson?

  • Private Lessons can be scheduled for any day that is mutually convenient for you and Christen and will be held at Christen's Studio.

What do I bring to a Private Lesson?

  • Any materials and tools pertaining to the Private Lesson.
  • If you have a book, pattern or other written material pertaining to the Private Lesson, bring this along as well.
  • If you need up close glasses, and an Ott Light bring those along too.

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