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Home > Projects > Skill Levels for Classes and Projects by Christen Brown

Skill Levels for Classes and Projects by Christen Brown

All Levels

All Levels: any and every student will enjoy this class.


Novice: a student new to all the tools and techniques used in class.


Beginner: a student with basic knowledge of the tools and an idea of what techniques are used in class.


Intermediate: a student who has taken classes where the basic technique has been covered (or has previous knowledge of it) and is looking to expand on that technique.


Advanced: a student looking for inspiration, guidance, or just a boost, and is welcome in any class, or may wish to have a private class with one-on-one attention for a special project.

What is a related class?

  • A related class is usually the next step up in a categories' skill level.

What does Prerequisite mean?

  • Prerequisite classes may be waived if you can prove that you have the experience required to follow the instructions given in the class. This is for you own good, you do want to enjoy the class.

Do I really need the Prerequisite?

  • Be Honest with yourself and the rest of the class......Most of my students fall into the Beginning and Intermediate categories. It is my goal that you enjoy your class time and learn the techniques covered in class.

I appreciate the student who likes a challenge, however, if you bite off more than you can chew, it is difficult for the teacher as well as the other students. Every student is important to me, and every person deserves equal time in the classroom, so I ask you to be sensitive to not only your needs but other's needs as well. Enjoy!

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