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Embellishment to the Point of Explosion part 1

appliqued, embroidered and beaded garmentArabian Nights

Close up view of machine appliqué with hand embroidery and embellishments.


The program starts with Christen's background and the first wearable garment she created, Arabian Nights. The trunk show consists of twenty-one garments encompassing the twenty one years of her art. Many of the garments have been created for and shown in national shows such as The American Quilter's Society Fashion Show and the Fairfield Fashion Show.

The trunk show is divided into three categories:

  1. Creative Collage
  2. Bits and Pieces
  3. Crazy Beautiful

The program will also feature creative accessories and jewelry designed and created by Christen, including: masks, wands, purses, and dolls.

Please join her for an evening of laughter, love of the art and on a magical creative journey into her world of Embellishment to the Point of Explosion.

Program Time- 1 1/2 hours

Program Fee: $325.00
(Please see the Program Contract Terms.)

Christen's programs include the actual garments and accessories listed above and are shown to the audience in fashion show format. This requires eight models from your group who are willing to parade on stage, have a good time and who will get a chance to see these embellished wonders close up.

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