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The Bold and the Beautiful

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... the jacket is made from pieces of vintage bark cloth curtains and more.


This fashion show is comprised of show stoppers, each one a masterpiece to inspire and encourage each and every person who is in the audience. Christen's inspirational words of love and encouragement from a Breast Cancer Survivor, that has managed to keep her sense of humor and perspective. Now matter what we look like, the clothing that treacherously shrunk while we were not looking, the number of gray hairs that now adorn our head, or the number of lines that laughter has created on our faces... we are ALL BOLD and ALL BEAUTIFUL!

The 15 complete ensembles created by Christen.

Please join her for an evening of laughter, love for all things, be inspired to go out and boldly "Strut your STUFF"!

Program Time- 1 1/2 hours

Program Fee: $325.00
(Please see the Program Contract Terms.)

Christen's programs include the actual garments and accessories listed above and are shown to the audience in fashion show format. This requires eight models from your group who are willing to parade on stage, have a good time and who will get a chance to see these vintage wonders close up. Some items will be displayed on mannequins due to their delicate vintage nature.

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