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Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

ribbon roses

Christen Brown's handmade ribbon corsages are featured in:

Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine

Spring [April] 2005 Issue, page 168

Accessorizing with Ribbon Flowers

Using vintage-inspired blooms to decorate a cake, attendants' attire, and more.

Text by Heidi Cho

"These blooms are an easy way to add style to your wedding. Use them in the décor or to accessorize -- ribbon flowers can blossom just about anywhere.

"Ribbon flowers offer much of the same beauty as real flowers but without the inevitable wilting. Today, ribbon flowers are seeing a revival in contemporary fashion. The ideas on these pages are inspired by the designs of vintage ribbon flowers, yet they are very suited to modern tastes. Notions, sewing, and crafts stores offer the widest selection, with styles ranging from dainty rosettes to large, soft peonies."

Copyright © 2005 by OmniMedia Group
Photo by James Baigrie
Cover photo by Anna Williams

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