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Art To Wear Diamond Extravaganza: A Decade Of Design from The Fairfield Fashion Show

picture of capeFairfield, the manufacturer of Poly-Fil, host to the Fairfield Fashion Show, an annual event where only 50 wearable art designers from around the world were invited to display their artistry. The show now is now called the Bernina Fashion Show and is sponsered by The Bernina of America company.

This book (published in 1998) commemorates 104 of the finest garments from the previous 10 years. Christen was invited to participate in four of the Fairfield Fashion Shows and one of the Bernina Fashion Shows. garment


Christen Brown's "Amethyst Myst Covers Moss Tinged Chestnut Mornings" is a 1994 Diamond Extravaganza Garment featured in this inspirational book. Christen's daughter Gwen is modeling the cape ensemble.It is one of her favorite pieces to wear.

This picture and the one on the right is from The Bold and the Beautiful Fashion Show, where many of the other award winning garments of Christen's can be seen. The picture to the right is another garment that Christen created for the Fairfield Fashion Show for 1990. This ensemble is called "Fairies Fandance on Treasure Filled Terraces of Tourmaline". Model is Viola Sullivan. Photographer for all of the photos from The Bold and the Beautiful is Tom Sullivan, Viola's husband.




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