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Costume Maker's Art

by Thom Boswell
Photography by Tom Henderson
A Sterling/Lark Books © 1992, Lark Press
ISBN 0-937274-58-5

out of print

"Featured in this lavish photo essay are over 250 color plates as well as black and white photos. Over 100 costume artists from North America and beyond."


The work featured in this publication were all collaborations with my creative partner Carol Mckie Manning. Carol and I created five ensembles together, including two garments for the Fairfield Fashion Show, and several that have won awards throughout the country.

The cover piece is entitled "When the Medicine Woman Waves her Spell, the Snake Charmer Begins to Dance" won Grand Prize at the Fabric Fantasies Festival produced by the Bazaar Del Mundo.

The piece to the left, "The Crystal Maiden from the Isle of Fire and Ice" was the first garment that we made for the Fairfield Fashion Show.

The piece featured in the inset to the right is entitled "Celestial Symphony of the Summer Solstice". This was the second garment that we made for the Fairfield Fashion Show.


Carol and I created two other ensembles "Mystic Sorceress" (pictured), and "The Dragon Master's Last Dance". Our creative energies fed off each other and the experiences we shared were magical.

Carol was always evolved in the quilt world, and is creating wonderful pieces to this day. Many of her quilts have won awards, and have been shown in national and international galleries.

Carol and I created one quilt together, and it was exhibited in the Visions a New Decade exhibit.



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