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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Fiber Neckpieces and Collars > Grandpa's Garden Collar

Grandpa's Garden Collar

collar with ribbon worked flowers and leaves

My grandmother loved flowers, and my grandfather lucky for her, was a wonderful gardener. His garden was a true old fashioned floral treat filled with fragrant pale roses, perky daffodils, cheeky snap dragons, and feminine sweet petunias.

I have inherited their passion for flowers and gardens though mine tend to be of the ribbon worked or embroidered variety.

Here I have used flowers and leaves from my Petals and Posies 1 and 2 classes. These flowers and leaves are stitched to a base of buckram that is covered with silk fabric, the back is covered in felt. I have used vintage stamens and glass buttons for extra details. The collar ties with rayon cord.

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