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Fiber Collage- Treasures and Pleasures

group of fiber collaged pieces with ribbon worked flowers

This image is a compilation of various pieces made of paper and other fibers embellished with ribbon worked flowers and leaves. Check out the store for French Wire Ribbon, Hanah Silk Bias Ribbon, and Ribbons for Crazy Quilts.

  • The purple bowl to the right is made from a collage of fabrics ironed on to Timtex, and stitched into a bowl. It is adorned with silk cords and ribbon worked flowers.
  • The small gourd vase is called Small Wonders, and is full of silk and wire worked flowers and leaves.
  • The round paper box is embellished with paper leaves, and ribbon worked flowers with a rococo trimmed wire handle.
  • The box above it is Aurelia's Garden.
  • The small silk potpourri was made entirely from Hanah silk ribbons, and was a gift from the company.
  • The wire worked parasol at the back is made for one of my dolls.
  • To the right is the Fairie Tea Party, made from cotton paper and wire ribbon flowers and leaves.

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