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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Ribbon-work > Fairies will Play!- paper and ribbon fan

Fairies will Play!- paper and ribbon fan

fiber collaged paper wand with ribbon worked flowers

This fan was made for A Mid-Summer Nights Dream, and is a wonderful collection of fibers. The original accessory was a hand beaded bouquet of wire flowers, which sadly did not survive the two years of traveling with the show.

The fan is shaped from cotton paper. The embellishments on the front are a bouquet made from Hanah silk bias and French wire ribbons. The embellishment on the back is made from the few beaded wire flowers and leaves that survived.

The handle is a painted piece of wood, wrapped in ribbon and rococo trim. The tassel dangling below is made from dyed rayon trim, with silk flowers at the top of the painted wooden base.

12" wide x 18" long

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