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Scrumptious Scraps- Wall Hanging

This wall hanging truly covers all of my passions, embroidery, ribbonwork, vintage lace, and dyeing! The base fabric is comprised of all of those precious scraps of handmade lace and fabric that you can't throw out! I placed a layer of Solvy over the scraps then machine quilted the pieces together. The base was then dyed with the Color Hue Dyes, along with silk satin ribbon, silk embroidery ribbon and buttonhole twist that was used to embroider with later. The ribbonworked flowers are made from Hanah silk bias ribbons, cotton grosgrain ribbons, and dyed silk satin ribbons; the embroidery was stitched with silk ribbons and embroidery threads. "Truly Scrumptious"!
12-3/8" wide x 9-1/2" tall

dyed silk ribbon embroidery and silk ribbonworked flowers and leaves

Scrumptious Scraps Pattern

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