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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Art Quilts and More > Plum Crazy Wall Hanging

Plum Crazy Wall Hanging

crazy pieced sections with thread and bead embroidery

This small wall hanging has all of my favorite colors- plum, sage, chocolate, and maize; fabrics- silk and cotton; beads and all sorts of good stuff on it!

It is the sample for my BEBE class: Beginning Embroidery with Bead Embellishment.

The piecing was done on a muslin square, with Wonder Under rather than stitching. This sample was created for a class that didn't know how to sew, but wanted to learn the embroidery and beaded stitches.

The embroidery stitches are feather stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy, French knots and more. These were embroidered with Watercolor threads, using seed beads for accents.

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