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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Art Quilts and More > Golden Summer Dragon Wall Hanging

Golden Summer Dragon Wall Hanging

dragon embroidery

16" wide x 10 3/4" tall

The center piece for this small wall hanging has a dragon stitched in metallic gold threads. This piece came from two sleeves that I bought in a small "Asian Cultural Arts" store in Carmel, CA. many years ago.

I have pieced it with a wonderful tussah silk stripe, a cotton stripe, an ikat in blue and white, and another cotton print, all in rich, bold colors.

The piece is embroidered with traditional free form stitches done in metallic threads. These stitches and the dragon have been embellished with beads made from bone, horn, and glass. The shisha mirrors are stitched with a bezel of seed beads.

Portions of these sleeves were also used in Ernest the Elf, Sadie's Satchel, Azulejos de Espana and the article Artistry in Alchemy.

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