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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Art Quilts and More > Crazy Arabian Squares Wall Quilt

Crazy Arabian Squares Wall Quilt

crazy pieced fabric quilt

crazy pieced fabric quilt

26" wide x 35" tall

This quilt is full of precious bits of this and that. It is comprised mostly from leftover pieces of batik, woven silk, and embroidered Afghani pieces that did not find there home on the Dragon Master ensemble.

Many of the precious embroideries came from my good friend Betty Micheels. She and I had a wonderful friendship based on the love of beautiful fabrics and exotic trims.

The blue batik pieces came from one of my early clients. The panel was a batik image of seven different dragons. One of these is the center of the Dragon Master Coat.

The crazy piecing just took place at random, stitching a section here and there according to the shape of the scraps.

The embroidery stitches were kept simple, in order to appreciate the wonderful fabrics.

crazy quilt

crazy pieced fabric quilt

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