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Tandletons- embroidered, tatted and needle lace buttons

embroidered buttons

This is a sampling of the buttons that I teach in my Tandletons class.

These little threaded works of art are just so much fun to make. I start with Hanah Silk bias ribbon, create a form and stuff it with Polyfil.

I then take a few strands of Wildflowers from the Caron Collection and start stitching.

All of the stitches are created with a milliner’s needle, and a little imagination.

The techniques that I used here are:

* Embroidery: buttonhole stitch, French knots, lazy daisies. I have also used silk ribbon embroidery stitches like the woven rose with the feather stitch
* Tatting: basic picot flowers and the closed double knot
* Needle lace: buttonhole stitch, woven star

Warning once you start making them, you don't want to stop!

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