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Home > Gallery > Artwork > Art Quilts and More > Rose Garden Pillow

Rose Garden Pillow

embroidered pillow

8-1/2" wide x 7-1/2" tall

The design for this pillow is very similar to the La Vie en Rose, the purse that I created for the November/December 2007 of PieceWork Magazine.

This actually was the first design, but I did not use an embroidery hoop, and the fabric puckered TERRIBLY! So I turned the shape into one that would look like a pillow and stuffed it to a maximum density, and surprise, surprise: no more puckers!

For the embroidery design I used pearl cotton in 6 shades of pink, and 3 shades of green. The stitches I used were: bouillon, woven, cast-on, lazy daisy, feathered leaf, French Knots, and Peking knot.

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