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Rococo Pillow

silk ribbon and ribbon worked flowers and leaves

7-1/2" square

As I was researching the article Stitched Adornments for the site, I was inspired to create a piece using a rococo theme. The Rococo Period was popular in the mid 18th century, with gowns that were festooned with ribbons and embellished with flowers and embroidery.

The background fabric is made from a silk dupioni, silk chambray, vintage lace for the basket, and vintage French Jacquard ribbon.

Two sizes of silk ribbon were used in embroidery: 4mm, and 7mm; three sizes of Hanah silk bias ribbon were used: 7/16", 5/8" and 1"; 3/8" ombre and striped ribbon were used for flowers and leaves; several colors of Caron Collections "Wildflowers" were used.

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