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Christen's Chatelaine- needle and scissor case

ribbon worked chatelaine

These chatelaines were created from my pattern: Christen's Chatelaine.

I had always wanted a romantic feminine place to keep my precious needle work accessories shown here. My mother and father purchased the scissors (in the first photo) for me at an antique store and the sterling thimble was a gift from my daughter.

In the second image the scissors were rescued from a salvage bin at a thrift store, and the thimble holder was found on ebay.

This is a very feminine and very hardworking piece of jewelry for all those items you need on hand while doing needlework.

The necklace is a silk cord, trimmed with ombre ribbon. On one side you have the scissor holder with the pin cushion stitched or pinned to the front. The round pocket on the other end will hold needle threaders and thread cutters with a separate pocket at the back to fit the thimble into.

ribbon worked chatelaine

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