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Woodland Elf

bead and button jewelry by Christen Brown

This is a wonderful collection of treasures: tiny sea urchins, vintage troca shell whistle buttons, fresh water pearls, jade charms, ra ku buttons, bronze charms from Big Sur, a dyed gourd, shell flowers..... and more.

The pattern for this piece is "Entwined Treasures", with a few ribbon flowers added in for color. The beads are stitched around the buttons and charms with free form peyote.

The beads used were new and vintage glass, pearls, semi precious, and brown muscle shell.

The first group of bracelets are made from a whole shell.

The second group of bracelets are made from jade, turquoise, citrine and quartz.

The last bracelet is made from the "Pea Pod" pattern. Each little canoe is individually snitched and stuffed with glass beads or fresh water pearls.

pea pod bracelet

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